If there was one big thing we wanted to achieve for our wedding, it was that I didn’t want to spend month stressing about it while we were working overseas. That’s when we contacted Bouchra, we were friends and been to many of her events.

I can honestly say that contacting you was one of the best decisions we ever made. The best part about choosing Bouchra was she listened to what we wanted and helped us translate our vision with style, grace and professionalism. Every detail of the wedding was looked after and exceeded our expectations. 

Thank you for organizing everything and making our day so perfect and we couldn’t have asked for more. No words could express the depth of appreciation for all your hard work. I truly believe that we would have not been able to pull off the joyous, love filled, beautiful wedding without you.

Claudie and Antoine

Even if it will be difficult to resume Bouchra in few words, we will try our best to share our experience with anyone who is considering Bouchra Mir Hawa as their wedding planner: We got married on the 18th of August 2012 in Chateau Rweiss (Lebanon). We both live in France and couldn’t fly often to Beirut due to work constraints. We met Bouchra one year before the wedding; she was absolutely charming, very cool and understanding. We picked with her our venue and have shared with her our entire wishes for the “D” Day. We have kept in touch by emails, shared ideas, and planned a schedule to meet the several providers she had picked for us. The incredible feeling we had is that she never sleeps; she was present and replied 24/7. We were happily surprised to meet with the providers on January, they were all professional and we had an extraordinary special care because they all respected Bouchra very much. For us, who aren’t around, it was a big relief to see that we are dealing with professionals that respect you and your wedding planner and that inspire trust. 3 weeks before our wedding, we went to Lebanon, we had a review and a recap scheduled by Bouchra with every single provider, even with the priest!! I believe you all know how hectic could be the 3 weeks preceding your wedding, but Bouchra made it look so simple, nothing was impossible. She helped us taking every single decision without commanding. She was very friendly, patient and understanding. She had dealed with every single change in a very intelligent way that we haven’t had any feeling of stress or inconvenience. On our wedding day and though everything was already planned and prepared we were amazed, everything looked perfect: the church decoration and ceremony were absolutely touching, the ambiance and dinner were stunning, we couldn’t be happier! She literally made our dream come true, she even made it better! Thank you Bouchra for the wonderful job you have achieved. We couldn’t have got a better wedding planner, you and your team did everything marvellously.

Paula and Jacques 

Bouchra. Having a big event thousands of miles away from my home would have been an intimidating and overwhelming task, if i had not relied on your expertise. The attention to detail, and the professionalism in which the event was handled was second to none. The venues that you suggested were absolutely breath taking, and the event was extremely successful, only cause you were meticulous. It was an unforgettable pleasure to be part of my parents 50th Anniversary celebration in Beirut, thanks to you.

Poonam and Udha 

An amazing day made possible by an amazing woman. A classy yet understated evening, a full blown party! Thank you for making it happens.

Nay and Ziad